The Wounded Cowboy Billionaire by Edith MacKenzie

The Wounded Cowboy Billionaire by Edith MacKenzie

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

He had all the money in the world—and it wasn’t enough to keep his life from falling apart…

Rodeo star Colt threw everything he had at his sister’s illness, and nothing helped. Now that she’s gone, he’s not sure how to deal with his own feelings, let alone care for the baby she left behind. He needs help—desperately. Which might explain the completely inappropriate feelings he’s starting to have for his sister’s best friend…

Evelyn has traveled the world, studied art in London, and trained in Venice—but at heart, she’s still a Texas girl, silently pining for her billionaire cowboy. Colt is different now, though. Wounded and broken. She knows she can help him care for the baby. But convincing him to open his heart and trust in love again…well, that’ll be considerably more difficult.

Money can fix a lot of problems—but a happily ever after can’t be bought. So, if Colt and Evelyn want theirs, they’ll have to fight for it…