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If you are an Indie Author who wants to be stocked in the Fiction & Friction Bookstore this information is for you.

Fiction & Friction - Indie Bookseller is a specialty bookstore with online and in store locations. It was the first bookstore of its kind, to specialise in Independently Published books. The store has a heavy focus on romance but does stock some other genres. There is a small range of traditional books by hybrid or small press authors but that's not the store's priority.

Fiction & Friction is owned and run solely by Britt, a South Australian women who is dedicated to getting your paperbacks into the hands of eager Australian readers.

If you're an Indie Author who's interested in having your books stocked in the store then please fill out this expression of interest form. Please be patient, at any given time there's over 100 authors waiting for a spot in the store, it can get a crazy. Crazy good, but crazy none the less. If you're worried you've been forgotten please don't hesitant to contact me at britt@fictionandfriction.com.au but another reminder to please be patient as it can take months for me to get through this list especially if I can't purchase your books without contacting everyone individually.

that while I'd love to stock every book by every authors who contacts me, I also need to be sure that those books will sell. I have a very niche target market and customer base, If I don't think your book/s are suitable for the store you'll be sent an email kindly telling you that they won't be stocked at this time.

For the Expression of Interest Form