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IT IS TIME for the Fiction & Friction - Indie Book Convention 2024.

There has been some confusion about this event because this was the original event planned and it was always going to be in 2024 but then we hosted another smaller event in 2023 and this has caused the confusion about what is what.

Please make sure you are noting the YEARS written in the Expression of Interest Form because Fiction & Friction will be hosting a signing event each year of varying sizes.

What information can I give you?

Where: Adelaide, South Australia at the Adelaide Convention Centre
When: 12th of October 2024

➡️ There will be Australian & International Authors.
➡️ There will be a hand picked bunch of vendors attending.
➡️ There will be a theme Secret Garden.
➡️ There will be a Fiction & Friction Pop Up Store at the event 🎉
➡️ VIP and General Admission tickets these will go on sale on the 7th of April 2024.

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Here is the link to the EOI Form if you're an Author interested in attending ⬇️

Please understand that this is an Expression of Interest and you're not guaranteed to get an invite but please make sure you check your junk folders regularly.