Treat Yourshelf

 Subscriptions & One Time Purchases will open in January, March, May, July, September and Nov. Once the books are ordered the listings are closed until the next round.

Please DO NOT purchase other items with the Treat Yourshelf books, this WILL result in orders being cancelled or refunding of extra items. These books are no longer on the same property as the other books so can't be combined.

Treat Yourshelf is a Bimonthly Mystery Indie Book Mail. There are two main genres Fantasy/Paranormal and Romance. However the sub genres will vary and will include everything from light to dark reads, m/f relationships through to reverse harem and young adult reads to very spicy adult reads.

Subscription payments will come out of the 5th of the month the books are planned. Please note: The books will be sent out by the end of each rounds months. So if you get March/April’s it will be sent no later than April. This is to allow time for damaged books, printing errors and shipping delays. 

Treat Yourshelf Schedule:

  • January/Feb - 2022
  • March/Apr - 2022
  • May/Jun - 2022
  • July/Aug - 2022
  • September/Oct - 2022
  • November/Dec - 2022

Purchase options:

  • Fantasy/Paranormal Books x 2
  • Romance Books x 2 or
  • All FOUR Books

All of the Treat Yourshelf books are new books to the store and most of the time new authors to the store too.

Shipping Information

Shipping within Australia is included in the price. If you're international and would like to purchase, please message me for a shipping quote.

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