The Summer Twin duet by Debra St James
The Summer Twin duet by Debra St James
The Summer Twin duet by Debra St James

The Summer Twin duet by Debra St James

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
What can a single-minded billionaire CEO and a kind-hearted kindergarten teacher possibly have in common?


Spending all my time focusing on making money and building my business doesn’t leave much time to socialize, but I’m not complaining—it keeps my heart safe. Experience has taught me that people are not interested in me as a person, only for what I can do for them. … until Kate. She’s like the sun shining through gloomy gray clouds. She sees me for the man I am, not what my bank account can do for her. I can’t forget her, and I don’t understand why, but I’m not walking away.
Will I be able to convince Kate my intentions are genuine?


Spending my free time volunteering and looking after my elderly neighbor doesn’t leave much time for a relationship, but I don’t mind—it makes me happy. Past relationships have shown me it’s always better to focus on everyone else’s happiness. … until Oliver. He’s the hottest, most generous man I’ve ever met. He sees something in me no other man ever has before. I can’t forget him, and I don’t understand why, because he’s way out of my league.

Can I move beyond past hurts to have a future with him?

Second Chance Summer - Book Two Blurb

This is the second book in The Summer Twins series. While this is a stand-alone title, we first met Toby in Loving Summer. For the best reading experience, it is recommended you read Loving Summer first; however, it’s not essential for the enjoyment of this story.

Can a high school crush turn into something long-lasting ten years later, when our lives have taken us in totally different directions? 


I’ve wanted to be the one to kiss Cassia Phillips since I was sixteen years old. Her chestnut hair and graphite-colored eyes, along with her pouty lips and sexy curves, have been the highlight on my fantasy reel. 

I was my own worst enemy back then. Too shy and socially inept to have the courage to go after the girl. 

Ten years later, I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams, my self-confidence is stronger than ever, and I won’t let anything get in the way of my second chance to have something with the woman of my dreams. 


From the age of sixteen, I’ve crushed hard on Toby Summer. His denim-colored eyes and sexy voice reach into the deepest part of my body. 

I was my own worst enemy back then. Making the wrong choices with the wrong guy time and again. 

Ten years later, I’m a single mom and proud owner of a successful florist shop. My faith in men is at an all-time low, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing to open my heart to any man, let alone to a man as famous as Toby Summer.