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The Merge by Kylie Kent
The Merge by Kylie Kent

The Merge by Kylie Kent

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance - Standalone
  • Author Note: This is a full length, steamy happily ever after romance, no cliffhanger!!. This book contains dark scenes and excplicit language. Suitable for 18+ only. This is a standalone, Book one in The Merge Series, all titles in this series are Standalones and can be read independently. 

Merged with Him - Book One Blurb


When my eyes met Zac's from across the bar, I knew. I knew my heart was forever lost. I also knew I could never have him. It wasn't just a matter of wrong place and wrong time. If only it were that simple. Being with Zac means risking everything — including my own life. I know I shouldn't want him, but my heart won't listen to reason, and neither will Zac.

Can the promises he makes of us, always having a tomorrow together, be real?


The moment I see Alyssa enter my club, I knew wanted her. Even as she sat across the bar with another man — I knew I’d make her mine. The moment our skin connected every cell in my body exploded like fireworks. That moment sealed her fate. I was keeping her. When someone threatens to take her away from me. I’m ready for war. I don’t have to go to hell and back to save the woman I love. I’m already there, my soul stained with the blood of those who thought they could cross me.  

I promised her we would always have a tomorrow together, I don’t break my promises.