The Fallen by MV Ellis
The Fallen by MV Ellis
The Fallen by MV Ellis
The Fallen by MV Ellis

The Fallen by MV Ellis

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  • Genre: Reverse Harem - New Adult - Bully Romance
  • Author Note: Sins at St Joseph's Academy is a full new adult romance with bully/enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes, and may contain triggers for some readers. It is not a standalone, but the first in a running series. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest.

Sins at St Joseph's Academy - Book One Blurb

St Joseph's Academy.
Prestigious. Religious. Rotten as Hell.
As soon as I set foot in that place, my dream ticket turned into my worst nightmare.
I don't know if I can survive, or even make it out alive.
Because of them.

The Fallen
Brutal. Wicked as sin.
Five guys with the power of ten, and a burning desire to take me down.
They rule the school with cast iron fists, and stone cold hearts.
But the more they push me away, the more our destinies intertwine.
We’re thrown together by chance, bound by circumstance, and held by desire.
Our story is one of lies, revenge, blackmail, and blood.
The Fallen won’t be stopped, but nor will I.
So in the end, will the mighty be fallen?