Printing Error: Rejected by Jaymin Eve
Printing Error: Rejected by Jaymin Eve
Printing Error: Rejected by Jaymin Eve

Printing Error: Rejected by Jaymin Eve

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  • Genre: Dark - Paranormal Romance - Enemies to Lovers

These copies arrived with printing errors, to save the hassle of sending them back to the printer I'm selling them at a slightly discount price. Because I've had to pay normal price for these I can't do a big discount. They have no outside damages or errors, the errors are pictured the pages have not been cut correctly. They are still readable and are fine if you are a kindle reader who just wants a trophy.

#1 bestseller in the entire Kindle Store.


My father made a terrible mistake. One I’m left paying for.

As a wolf shifter growing up in a strong pack, I should be living my best life. But after my father tried to kill our leader, I’m labelled an outcast, traitor, less than dirt.

When I can't take pack life any longer, I run, but apparently they don't like losing their punching bag. Torin, the leader’s son, drags me back before my first shift... a shift that will reveal my true mate. I never could have predicted who mine would be, but the moment my wolf looks upon him, I’m filled with hope for a brighter future.

Afterall, no one ever rejects their true mate, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

When the wolves attack, my soul screams for vengeance, and somehow I touch the shadow world. Somehow I bring him to our lands.

The Shadow Beast. Our shifter god. The devil himself.

Turns out being rejected by my mate was only the beginning.

*If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances, with humor, steam, action, a tough heroine and an antihero, this is for you.
Rejected is full length (100k) words, is book one in Shadow Beast Shifters series, and ends on a cliffhanger. It's recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.