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Sacrificed to the Fae King by Lola Glass

Sacrificed to the Fae King by Lola Glass

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  • Genre: New Adult - Fantasy
  • Author Note: This new-adult fantasy features sarcasm, mermaids, and slow-burn enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance.


When the fae came, their magic brought destruction that only stopped when we offered them the one thing they wanted:

Wives for their kings.

I was selected "at random".

Sacrificed to the fae.

But the sexy, infuriating king I'm paired with doesn't want my body or soul; he wants my help.

Thanks to some kind of prophecy, he and his people think I can get them back home.

Getting them back home will require taking some of the king's magic, which is unstable on the best of days and catastrophic on the worst. When the power takes more effort to control than I would've ever guessed, and I'm forced to turn to my husband for help.

But the fae never give anything away for free; especially knowledge.

It was supposed to be simple:

Marry the king, save the world.

But now that we're married, and his power is becoming mine, our marriage might end up destroying the world… and I might be the one who destroys it.