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Romeo & Julian by Jo Mantel
Romeo & Julian by Jo Mantel
Romeo & Julian by Jo Mantel
Romeo & Julian by Jo Mantel

Romeo & Julian by Jo Mantel

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  • Genre: Gay Romance - Contemporary Romance
  • A contemporary re-telling of Shakespeare’s tragic play, with a modern day twist.

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Forget Shakespeare, this is definitely one love story you haven’t heard.

Two men, two polar opposite walks of life.

Romeo Monroe is a successful model for one of the world’s biggest names in men’s underwear. Rich, charming, and exceptionally great-looking who also happens to be single.

Julian Carmichael is a successful construction worker and also single. Thanks to his father’s hefty financial investment, Julian is able to live a comfortable life.

So why the single status?

Because they’re both closeted homosexual men.

Both their parents work in high-profile industries and have their own secrets—a strong hatred for homosexuals, and these two men have a lot to lose if their secret gets out.

There’s an instant attraction. Their worlds collide, and these two star-crossed lovers start a dangerous and steamy affair.

Will they survive it? Or meet the same tragic demise as William Shakespeare’s ill-fated lovers?