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Men of Moose Mountain by Marley Michaels
Men of Moose Mountain by Marley Michaels
Men of Moose Mountain by Marley Michaels

Men of Moose Mountain by Marley Michaels

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • The Men of Moose Mountain series is just like the Moose Mountain Brothers series before it. It includes the same sweet, flirty, instalove stories you love, but this time you'll get more big, gruff and tough Cooper men--and the one Cooper princess--living their lives on and near the mountain. The mountain has always provided for its keepers, and now it's time for more feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.

Moose Mountain is calling more Cooper men home, and this time it’s the women of the town that are in their sights.

Welcome to Woodward Valley, the town living in the shadow of the famous Moose Mountain, where more members of the Cooper family are rewarded for being the mountain's lifelong protectors with five feisty, funny, fantastic women--and a man the mountain's princess never saw coming. And of course, there are lots of cameos by the original Moose Mountain men too.

Mountain Seeking Doctor
Dr Judd Cooper moves back to his hometown to replace the town's retiring family doctor. When he mistakes the small town's sweetheart for a thief, the fight is on to get her to not just accept his apology, but also give him her heart.

Mountain Seeking Pilot
Helicopter Pilot, Rhys Cooper, has spent his life flying to new heights in dangerous and daring rescues. Now he wants to settle down and build on his own little piece of paradise next to Moose Mountain. Except his plans fall foul of his new conservationist neighbor, Amber. Can butting heads turn to falling in love?

Mountain Seeking Hero
Search and Rescue Coordinator, Max Cooper, has heard the mountain’s call. Now he’s returned to his birthplace to see whether the Moose Mountain legend is true for him. He doesn’t expect it to literally hit him in the back of the head though, or for the town’s sweet, shy librarian to be the one for him.

Mountain Seeking Fire Chief
The town’s new Fire Chief can run into a burning building, but put him near a cat and he has flashbacks to a near career-ending accident that he’s never forgotten. Enter Bree, Woodward Valley’s resident cat lady, who makes it her mission to win Kane Cooper over, one feline friend at a time.

Mountain Seeking Veterinarian
Veterinarian Trace Cooper has traveled the world working with animals, yet its Moose Mountain that has called him home to settle down, and the mountain isn’t making him wait for it. Not when the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on steps out of her car with her two gorgeous kids in tow and he has an instant vision of the family he’s always wanted.

Mountain Seeking Princess
Moose Mountain has been calling her protectors back to the mountain for a reason—she’s under threat and needs to be saved. It’s time to call in a champion and crown a new queen, and the only Cooper sister is ready to help lead her family in the fight of their lives to save the mountain for generations to come.

BONUS - Also includes
Mountain Seeking Santa, a Moose Mountain Christmas novella featuring all your favorite Cooper family members.