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Just Joshing by Evie Mitchell
Just Joshing by Evie Mitchell
Just Joshing by Evie Mitchell
Just Joshing by Evie Mitchell

Just Joshing by Evie Mitchell

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Author Note: Warning: This fluffy slow-burn romance is filled with dating disasters, a Bridezilla best friend, and a man with a library to rival any fairy tale. So, get thee a man and settle in – this love story is no joking matter. 

I’d always assumed I’d end up marrying and having a family. But it’s not until my best friends announce their engagement that I realize I’m stuck in a rut. A really deep dating rut.

If I want that family? It’s not gonna fall into my lap.

So, what’s a girl to do? Shake off her blues, dust off her heels, and try and win herself a man. My only issue? Joshua Greenfeld. My best friends’ older brother.

Josh seems determined to derail my plans. And to be honest, I don’t hate his efforts…

Molly has always been my one. The girl who got away. The beauty that I never took a chance on.
Mostly because she was in love with my brother.

Or so I thought.

When I find out she’s dating, I decide to seize my chance. And this time? I’m not kidding around.

Trigger warning: The heroine was once in a verbally abusive relationship. There is a reference to this relationship and the effect it had on her. There is no violence or flashbacks to this relationship, only a discussion about how she recovered. Please avoid if this is a trigger for you.