Heavy Hearts: New Covers by Sarah Jane Duncan

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  • Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
  • Author Note: Heavy is a dark contemporary romance that contains subjects that may be triggering to some readers, including but not limited to: abuse, non-consensual acts, demeaning acts, and emotional & physical blackmail.


The mask she wears isn’t strong enough to keep everyone out. He sees right past it. Right into her soul.

In the small town of Fox Pines, 17-year-old Lexi West’s world spins out of control when her half-brother moves in. He is bad news. The sinister way his eyes roam over her is sickening.
Lexi’s mask of confidence to disguise her secret is slipping, and now, there are cracks so big she fears someone will see the vile truth.
When the new guy at school causes a wanton stir amongst the girls, Lexi isn’t immune. She feels his gaze on her, but she notices more than just desire in his ocean blue eyes. She gets the feeling Ayden Mitchell can see the truth she has been working so hard to hide.
Even though her heart flutters when he’s around, Lexi can’t allow herself to think about the possibility of happiness, especially when the situation at home escalates, and she’s left with no choice but to run to her dad for help.
Imagine her surprise when she stumbles on her dad’s own dark secret, and instead of finding protection, she has to run from him too.
With threats and danger coming from all directions, Lexi endures the most heinous nightmare inflicted by those meant to protect her.
The amplifying darkness in her heart whispers her unworthiness, but the spark Ayden ignites can’t be ignored. Will she choose to fight for her dream of happiness and love? Can Lexi let go of her reservations and put her trust in a guy she only just met?