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Expose Me by Kaydence Snow
Expose Me by Kaydence Snow
Expose Me by Kaydence Snow
Expose Me by Kaydence Snow

Expose Me by Kaydence Snow

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  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • **Expose Me is a spicy standalone paranormal romance set in the Immortal Vices and Virtues Universe. Every book is a guaranteed happily ever after with a satisfying ending and no cliffhangers. Perfect for fans of Immortals After Dark, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the Demonica series.**

Magic is power in the new world order, but all my coveted ability has ever gotten me is doing someone else’s dirty work. I’ve busted my ass to become a valuable asset to the privileged supernaturals who rule this brutal world, and build a life I love.

Until an arrogant, sanctimonious jerk saunters through a portal and ruins everything.

Zey is something my world has never seen and he’s on a mission. Three magical items from his world have gone missing and I’m the only one who can find them.

But this distractingly sexy stranger isn’t the only one after them. A bunch of baddies are hunting him, and now me too.

To say that this mess has me feeling stabby would be an understatement. Just my luck that Zey and his buddies seem to be impervious to sharp, pointy things.

I just hope I can find a way out of this deadly situation before I fall for the mysterious supernatural who’s put my life at risk.