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Dragonwar by Mirren Hogan

Dragonwar by Mirren Hogan

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  • Genre: Upper/Mature YA Epic Fantasy


In Dargyn, war is looming.
As dragonrider of Dargyn, Laynin Laithorn is treated like royalty, given the best of everything, with little but the care of her dragon to occupy her time. But she wants more.
Travin, talented bard and magic user, just wants stop singing in the town's taverns and bond a newly hatched dragon.
News of a deadly invasion to the south shakes the Dragonhall to its foundations. It brings with it unease, and conflict between the draakin.
Their leader, Ara, is determined the dragons won't become involved. But as war draws near, it becomes clear she might have to lead the dragons into battle.