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Cinnamon Bun Coaster by Keeper of the Suns

Cinnamon Bun Coaster by Keeper of the Suns

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Add some kawaii to your desk, office, or kitchen with these adorable handprinted neoprene coasters, made in my little home studio with my original illustrations! Hand-pressed to order on a heat-press by Jasmine.

- These adorable pieces are handprinted and made by Jasmin in her studio.
- 10cm Diameter.
- 4mm Thickness in total.
- Thick neoprene backing with polyester printed area.

- Due to the nature of neoprene, some of the rounded edges appear frayed BUT neoprene does not fray, so there is no need to worry about your coaster falling apart! The print will remain the same no matter how the edges appear.