Boys of Richland: Model Cover OOP by Daniela Romero

Boys of Richland: Model Cover OOP by Daniela Romero

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  • Genre: Sports Romance -

When Gabriel thrusts himself into Cecilia’s life after finding her unconscious on the locker room floor, she struggles to figure out if he’s her guardian angel, or another devil is disguise.

Cecilia Russo and Gabriel Herrera have nothing in common.

She’s the former cheerleader who fell from grace,
He’s PacNorth University’s rising soccer star.

She wants nothing more than to be invisible.
He always stands center stage.

She’s an outcast.
He’s the beloved bad boy.

She pushes him away while he fights to pull her out of her shell.

Cecilia doesn’t know what Gabriel’s intentions are, but she knows this:
She’s falling for PacNorth’s notorious rebel. And if she thought life was risky before, love takes it to a whole new level.

***Content Warning: If you have triggers, please review the list featured in the beginning of book.