Bianchi Empire by C. J. Wells
Bianchi Empire by C. J. Wells
Bianchi Empire by C. J. Wells

Bianchi Empire by C. J. Wells

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  • Genre: Contemporary - Work Place Romance

I thought I had everything under control when it came to being attracted to my boss.
I turned up to work when I needed to, and I met every demand Luca sent my way with a professional attitude.
I stood behind him each time he would bring another jezebel to company events, and I'd smile even though I wanted it to be me standing next to him.
I even helped dress those jezebels during wardrobe malfunctions, and I kept a smile on my face every time.
I done everything that was asked of me, and I didn't let me feelings take over.
Until I did.
The temptation becomes too hard to resist when Luca drags me to Australia because his company is having a crisis.
I find myself in a country I've never visited before for Christmas without my family, but with Luca's large Italian family instead.
Seeing Luca semi-relaxed around his family has those feelings I've been hiding for the past five years surface.
And when Luca flirts back, the attraction I've been keeping under control takes over and things become heated between us.

The only thing is, will everything explode in my face or can I balance work and a relationship with my broody boss?