Ash by Jo Mantel
Ash by Jo Mantel
Ash by Jo Mantel
Ash by Jo Mantel

Ash by Jo Mantel

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

Can a tragic accident bring together the two souls who were always meant to be?

Ashford Tanner.
Handsome and with a burgeoning career in law, Ash has the world at his feet. His relentless drive and ambition are finally coming to fruition.

Dealing with an overbearing and demanding employer is challenging, even for Ash.

When a multi-million dollar case forces Ash and his boss to Paris, relationships are tested and his life is turned upside down.

Gabriela Devereaux.
In Paris, Ash finally meets his match. Gabriela is the epitome of grace and femininity and he is instantly awed by her unparalleled beauty.

A tragic accident and an unexpected encounter will bring shockwaves to Ash and his new love.