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What if it's Right? by JB Heller
What if it's Right? by JB Heller
What if it's Right? by JB Heller

What if it's Right? by JB Heller

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  • Genre: Age Gap Romance

*This is an age gap romance that breaks the 'cougar' mould. If you're into books that have you flipping the pages in rapid succession with hot, bossy hero's, heroine's with a mind of their own and chemistry that burns up your kindle, you need to start reading What If It's Right? today*

He's my son's best friend. But it's not what you think...
At eighteen, I became my nephew’s guardian, and my once carefree life ceased to exist. The next fourteen years passed in a blur of unconventional parenting and more wine than I’m sure most good mothers consume.

My dating life? Yeah, that basically became non-existent.

So when my boy's best friend, Weston, tells me had romantic feelings for me, I’m too stunned to process the “right way” to react. There’s so many reasons I shouldn’t do this…and yet my heart seems to be saying full steam ahead.

With a ten year age gap, I know a relationship with Weston has the potential to be disastrous. And I’m not wrong. Because things just got hella complicated.