Tiny Glitches by Rebecca Chastain

Tiny Glitches by Rebecca Chastain

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  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Standalone

My rules are simple.
Never reveal my curse to anyone.
Never indulge in a long-term relationship.
Hudson tempts me to break both of them.

Eva’s bizarre family curse means lasting relationships aren’t in the cards for her. Good thing she’s not looking for love.

She’s looking for the thief who stole her aunt’s artwork.

Hudson is in the wrong place at the right time, charging to Eva’s rescue...whether she wants his help or not, and he’s the last person she needs entangled in her problems.

Because the theft is just the beginning: Eva is being blackmailed by someone bent on revealing the truth of her curse to the world.

Should she protect her secret? Or her heart?

And what is she going to do about the baby elephant?

Enchanting and quirky, Tiny Glitches fuses electrifying romance and high-voltage suspense in a rollicking adventure. You won’t be able to put this book down.