Terra Haven Chronicles by Rebecca Chastain

Terra Haven Chronicles by Rebecca Chastain

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  • Genre: Fantasy

Leads & Lynxes - Book One Blurb

This is Kylie’s big break. Thanks to an enchanted tree, the journalist and her gargoyle companion, Quinn, have a secret lead on the story of a lifetime—if they’re brave enough to follow it.

However, she’s not the only one chasing this story. If anyone is going to write a high-profile article, Kylie’s rival, Nathan, believes it should be him. And he’s willing to play dirty to get his way.

To beat Nathan, Kylie and Quinn must work fast. Yet with every new lead forcing them deeper into a deadly maze of murder, warped magic, and monstrous beasts, rushing could prove fatal.

Kylie is determined to publish her dream story, but is it worth dying for?