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Siren Magic by Lucia Ashta
Siren Magic by Lucia Ashta
Siren Magic by Lucia Ashta

Siren Magic by Lucia Ashta

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  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Trope:

The Magical Creatures Academy has sent its finest fairies to recruit her.

As a hybrid shapeshifter—half siren, half angel—Selene is one of a kind.

It’s a label that makes her the target of a rebel faction of supernatural creatures that seeks to claim her power.

But her power is undeveloped and more a danger to herself than an aid. Yet her magic is her only advantage over the vicious vampires and fierce shifters who seek to eliminate her.

Soon Selene is on the run in an unfamiliar world and unable to return to her ocean home. At least she’s not alone. Quinn, a shifter with his own secrets, has her back. Selene and Quinn must find a way to escape those that hunt them while surviving their unstable powers. But can Quinn help her stop vampires and shifters who’ve had centuries to master their abilities?

Siren Magic is the start of an exciting new magic-filled urban fantasy in the Magical Creatures Academy world, featuring a starry-eyed siren, one hot shifter, fearsome vamps, and fairies with ‘tude ten times their size.