Scarlett Limerence by K.A Knight

Scarlett Limerence by K.A Knight

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  • Genre: Dark Romance - Romantic Suspense - Standalone

I’ve been in love with the same woman for years.

Watching her from afar, I’ve yearned to be a part of her life.
But I’m not, I can’t be. I have nothing to offer the innocent...until suddenly, I do.
One night, a tempest of bloodshed and death leads her to my door begging for my help, which I give.
If only she knew the biggest threat, the scariest monster, was the one she just locked herself inside with.
Others might hunt her, but Scarlett has been my prey for years. It’s time I claimed what is mine.

After all, isn’t obsession just another form of love?

I’ve been in love with the same man for as long as I can remember, aching for him, wishing he would notice me.
But then he does, and what follows is a tale of shared pain, need, and hope.
One night seals my fate, and he becomes both my saviour and my captor.
If only he knew I’m not the innocent little girl he thinks I am.
He might be dangerous, but I’m no weakling. Now, I have him and I won’t let him go.