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Relics and Legends: Foils by HM Hodgson
Relics and Legends: Foils by HM Hodgson
Relics and Legends: Foils by HM Hodgson
Relics and Legends: Foils by HM Hodgson

Relics and Legends: Foils by HM Hodgson

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  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • A Relic Of Magic and Gold is the first fast-paced, action-packed novel in the The Three Gifts trilogy. If you like enemies to lovers, steamy, paranormal romance, you will love HM Hodgson’s A Relic Of Magic And Gold.
  • Author note: This book is a steamy romance full of magical battle scenes where the body count is high, and with plenty of steam between the sheets (and out). Definitely one for 18+ readers!
She must retrieve a powerful relic or face life in a Templar dungeon. He has to find the relic to protect his sister. Forced to work together, how will they escape with their hearts - and their lives - unbroken?

Evangeline is thrilled to kick off her professional spellcaster life in Rome, Italy, after completing her studies of witchkind’s deadliest, most complex potent spells. Except day one on the job, Eve is accused of stealing a powerful relic. Forced to use her magic to escape, Eve runs into private investigator Raph Smith. Hiring the sexy PI seems like her best - only - option to clear her name and stay out of a Knights Templar dungeon.

Raph Smith always gets his missing person - though the reason why is a closely guarded secret. Finding a lost trinket box should be easy money. And while accepting multiple clients for the same job is a big N.O. in the PI world, when you’re being blackmailed, subject to a magical binding contract, and one client is a thief, you do what you must.

But the relic has a deadly secret too … and those who know the truth will do anything to find the artifact, including killing everyone who stands in their way.

As the sheets heat up, and with their hearts and heads on the line, how can Eve and Raph trust each other, let alone defeat the evil hunting them all, and save the world?