Music to my Ears by Celine L Simpson
Music to my Ears by Celine L Simpson

Music to my Ears by Celine L Simpson

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  • Genre: Rockstar Romance

He had one of those side, half smiles that you read about...I always thought that was absolute nonsense - no single smile could make you want to cry out for mercy, but there you have it. 

I did manage to, however, maintain enough of my dignity to cry on the inside.

Allie could sum up her entire life in two whole minutes. She lived walking distance to everything; work, her best friend's place and perhaps most importantly, the 24-hour corner store that was only a 1-minute walk away. Allie frequently sought comfort from the bottom of premixed brownie boxes at all times of the evening when she perused the baking aisle alone, until one night...

Wyatt Smith was the frontman of the most popular modern rock band to date. Lady Luck travelled the world, their look and their music was recognized by everyone, everywhere. That was until he found himself the midnight errand boy for a runaway baking ingredient where he met Allie. And she had absolutely no idea who he was...

It's true that when someone catches your eye you start to see them everywhere. 

But what happens when you do see them again?

Sometimes it's easier to put feelings in boxes, and sometimes it's easier to run away when the going gets tough. But sometimes you find someone to help you unpack, someone who will stand beside you, feel the fear, and take that leap of faith with you.