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Moon of the Monsters by Lola Glass
Moon of the Monsters by Lola Glass
Moon of the Monsters by Lola Glass

Moon of the Monsters by Lola Glass

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    • Genre: Paranormal romance
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    When stepping into a town full of werewolves like me for the first time in my life, I expected to be welcomed--or at least tolerated.

    Instead, I got hit in the face with a door.

    And then, found my dad's face on a dartboard in their diner.

    The people there need my help, but I can't help them unless I tell them who I am. And telling them who I am just might get me killed.

    The one connection I find comes in the form of a gorgeous, inked-up chemist who's the only person in town that doesn't hate me. He could be exactly what I need in more ways that one--and I'm pretty sure he's my fated mate.

    Every day I'm there seems to increase my odds of dying as the townies try to force me out, but I refuse to back down.

    I'll save them… even if they kill me for doing it.

    *This is a steamy new-adult paranormal romance*