Just Be Her by Kaydence Snow
Just Be Her by Kaydence Snow
Just Be Her by Kaydence Snow

Just Be Her by Kaydence Snow

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance - Standalone
  • Author Note: This is a full length, contemporary romance standalone with a bit of M/F, a bit of menage, and a lot of heart!

One month.

That’s all Alexandria Zamorano wants. A bit of freedom from the crushing responsibilities of her life.

What was supposed to be no-strings-attached fun, gets complicated when she catches feelings for a charming bar owner… and the asshole lead singer of the local band.

Suddenly, she’s not so sure she wants to go back to her life of privilege and duty.

But that’s the least of her problems. Because Toni Mathers – the body double she paid an obscene amount of money to take her place for a month – is catching feelings too.

Toni couldn’t turn down the life-changing sum Alexandria offered to switch lives for a month. She was supposed to meet the fiancé and avoid him for a few weeks.

But the rich jerk is suave, attentive, and impossible to avoid. He has no idea who she is and she has no idea how to tell him. Before she knows it, Toni has no idea how she’s supposed to leave him either.