Jaylior series by Elodie Colt
Jaylior series by Elodie Colt
Jaylior series by Elodie Colt

Jaylior series by Elodie Colt

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  • Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy

A Flare of Hope - Book One Blurb

She was one of a few hundred in the world. A rare piece of evolutionary perfection.
His only chance of salvation.

But also, his ultimate downfall…

The night they killed her sister was the worst in Haylie’s life. That was until a bunch of lunatics attacked her out of the blue, and a boy sacrificed himself to save her. Another murder happening in front of her eyes. Another life taken because she couldn’t prevent it. How the hell could she go on, living with the knowledge that their deaths were her fault?

Dylan was the best Fighter in the compound. Strong. Callous. Fearless. The perfect soldier.As second-in-command, he had a decent life with friends he considered family and women queuing up for one taste of him.
Everything changed when she showed up on his radar. Incredibly, a Natural. So unique, even the color of her eyes had its own name—jaylior. Ever since Dylan joined the compound, he devoted his life to protect people like her but failed. Twice. Two women who found a horrible fate.
He should keep her safe, but how could he when all he craved was revenge? When each time he looked into those eyes he was reminded of the painful realization she might be the next to end up dead?