Doc Steel by DL Gallie

Doc Steel by DL Gallie

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  • Genre: Military/Medical Romance

Returning to civilian life isn't easy for Griffin Steel, that is, until he runs into Autumn White.

She's stunning, vivacious, and has that same spark he fell for twenty years ago. Until he ripped her heart out and took it with him when he enlisted.

Picking up the remains of her shattered soul, Autumn found love again, and life was great for a while. 

Until it wasn't.

Now she's a single mom, finally getting her life together, and the last thing she expects is to run into the man who still holds a major piece of her heart.

The temptation is too strong as all those feelings Autumn had for Griffin, flare back to life.

It's inevitable. 



Everything they have been missing for the past twenty years, and more. 

It’s perfect. 

Until the father of her child returns. 
He will stop at nothing to reclaim Autumn and his son as his own.