Boys of Trinity Hall by MV Ellis
Boys of Trinity Hall by MV Ellis
Boys of Trinity Hall by MV Ellis
Boys of Trinity Hall by MV Ellis

Boys of Trinity Hall by MV Ellis

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  • Genre: Dark Collage Bully Romance

Break You - Book One Blurb

I broke the number one rule at Heathcote University—stay away from the boys of Trinity Hall—and now I’m paying the price.

This is not a love story
Xavier Cross was once my savior, but now he’s my bully.
He’s the rich, powerful, arrogant guy who’s holding all the aces.
He’s the whispers in the darkness I can’t quite hear. He’s the unease that can’t be explained, but won’t go away. He’s my worst nightmare come to life.
I'm the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who life has dealt a rough hand.
He’s coming for everything I’ve ever had, and everything I hold dear, and he won’t stop until he breaks me.
I’m no match for his might, his wrath, or the twisted and bitter revenge he’s determined to reap on me for something I didn’t even do.
But I’m not going down without a fight. If I go, I’ll take a piece of him with me.
Because we’re more alike than he wants to admit, and more connected than he ever thought possible.
This is not a love story. Or is it?

Break You is an angsty rollercoaster of a college bully romance with some dark themes.
It is book 1 of the Boys of Trinity Hall Series.

Meet Xavier, Drew, Bear, Kane and Fox: The Boys of Trinity Hall

Five guys who make breaking the rules a way of life, and pride themselves on breaking hearts….until they don’t. Harsh words, bully tactics, revenge plots, and blackmail are the tip of the iceberg for these hot and hot-headed alphas as one by one, they meet their match and try not to lose their hearts. Will they succeed? Follow each of their journeys in this raw, angsty series about rage, revenge, star-crossed couples, the line between loathe and love, and what happens when enemies become lovers, to find out.