Our Packaging

From the very start packaging has been super important to me, while also being able to provide y'all the cheapest shipping possible

All packaging used is all reused, recyclable or biodegradable. Yes, even the Australia Post satchels (which I'm phasing out for boxes), bubble wrap and the air bubbles are recyclable! These are soft plastics and can be recycled through the REDcycle program or directly through some recycling companies. I do all my recycling through my families recycling company but most supermarkets have bins for the REDcycle program.

I often get asked why some of the paper I use is crinkled and this is because the paper is also reused where possible! This includes the air bubbles. When bookstores order from printing companies the books come well packaged with paper, air bubbles and bubble wrap to make sure they arrive safely, in turn I then reuse them in my packaging.

Not only do I reuse, and recycle everything I can but I also aim to minimise waste in general by keeping packaging to a minimum. My business cards double as a thank you cards. I try to have all information on social media and the website instead of including excess paper. And I will only include freebies occasionally.

We can all do our part to make this planet better for the future. We don't have to do everything. Even just doing one thing to help makes a huge difference and is super important.