Truth & Love by BJ Harvey
Truth & Love by BJ Harvey
Truth & Love by BJ Harvey

Truth & Love by BJ Harvey

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

My life was turned upside down on a first-class flight to Vegas, that’s when my path crossed with the irresistible Barrett Matthews. A dirty martini and even dirtier promises later, we go our separate ways, but not before a challenge is issued. Find him and all those wicked words will become reality.

I’m open for a little Vegas fling, he's intriguing and mysterious with wicked intentions. But when fate turns out to be a little too coincidental, I start to question my judgement.

When I return home to Seattle, life throws another curveball when my long-time friend with benefits, Aiden, tells me he wants more than casual, all while I still can’t get the mysterious Barrett out of my head.

As more revelations are made and more stones are unturned, my family and its legacy come under threat, and I find myself torn between the two men. One like a calm sea, offering comfort and stability, surety and security. The other crashing in like a whirlwind, equal parts thrill and destruction, the pull between us explosive and undeniable.

When my life starts to unravel and deception, greed. and revenge take center stage, who will I turn to?

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. What happens in Vegas does not stay there. The truth will always come out, and the lies will always be revealed.

All I can do is hold on for the ride and hope lady luck doesn’t steer me wrong.