Witches of Jackson Square Series by A. Lonergan

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  • Genre: Urban Fantasy - Young Adult - Enemies to Lovers


Award winning, action packed, fast pace novel set in the magical city of New Orleans where witches run the city and the rest cower in fear.

Freya had always wanted an escape from her life.
When her senior trip to New Orleans goes haywire, she finds her escape.
Witches, fairies, and other realms await her in her new life
But so does a self centered man-child with lavender eyes
and a smile that might break her.
Sterling has always had everything handed to him,
Never told no.
When he meets Freya, the spitfire red head,
he is in for a challenging surprise.
Things find a way of turning his world upside down
And he pushes her until shes gone.
With destruction and chaos threatening his city, will he be able to get her back?

Fixated - BOOK 2 BLURB

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Freya seems to accomplish this after a disastrous night in the French Quarter.

The people she thought she could trust are no more, and her disappearance has the coven’s nerves shot.

Sterling can’t do it on his own, but with tensions rising, will he be able to do what it takes to get Freya back and save his loved ones?
Or will he suffer under the hands of a new villain and find himself a puppet like all the rest?

Captivated - BOOK 3 BLURB

Freya has to make a choice.
She has to decide on whether or not she can kill her twin.
The twin brother that she can now remember, with fondness.
The end is nye, can she do what it takes or will she falter, and lose?

Ayre is finally happy.
After years of uncertainty and living in her mother’s shadow, she has her own identity.
But when things take a turn for the worse, will she be able to keep her head above the water, or succumb to the grief?

Entraptured - BOOK 4 BLURB

Freya is back from the Mirror Realm.
Ayre’s heart has started to heal.
Sterling has awoken.
Stark is finally put to the test.
Sariah won’t stop until the city is gone.
Will they be able to stop Sariah, or will two of them choose the dark side over what’s right?