Moose Mountain Brothers by Marley Michaels
Moose Mountain Brothers by Marley Michaels
Moose Mountain Brothers by Marley Michaels

Moose Mountain Brothers by Marley Michaels

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Moose Mountain Brothers is a sweet, flirty, instalove series about four big, gruff and tough brothers living their lives on Moose Mountain. The mountain has always provided for these men, and now it’s sending them feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.

Welcome to Moose Mountain where the four Cooper brothers are rewarded for being the mountain's lifelong protectors with four feisty, funny, fantastic women all brought to town through their love of mountain man books and the author who created them.

Author Seeking Mountain Man
When romance author Aster Hollingsworth takes a long-needed break in search of inspiration, she finds her Alaskan mountain getaway cut abruptly short when a tree meets the front of her rental car during a freak storm. Then she's rescued by Gray Cooper and sparks fly.

Introvert Seeking Mountain Man
When Jemma Scott’s boss goes m.i.a. during a writing retreat on an Alaskan mountain, Jemma books a flight to track her down: destination Moose Mountain. What she didn’t expect was to faint at the feet of Cole Cooper, her mountain guide, the moment she meets him. She also didn't expect to fall head over heels for the man either.

Fan Girl Seeking Mountain Man
It’s time for the inaugural Moose Mountain Romance Readers Retreat, and Amy Robinson has been waiting all her life for a reason to visit Alaska and find a mountain man to call her very own. So, when she literally walks straight into the arms of Boone Cooper outside a bookstore on her first day, she thinks she’s died and gone to mountain sheriff heaven.

Hiker Seeking Mountain Man
After traveling to the Moose Mountain Romance Readers Retreat, Sadie Parker decides to take a few days of R&R to spend more time exploring the captivating Alaskan mountain she’s read about. When Sadie gets herself into trouble and faces down a wolf, Brooks is compelled to save her, no longer able to ignore the voice inside saying he should look after her and keep her close.