Malt Me by DL Gallie

Malt Me by DL Gallie

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  • Genre: Romantic Suspense

College. It’s supposed to be both exciting and daunting. For me, it turns into a nightmare.

Now everyone looks at me with pity, treating me like I’m glass. I don’t blame them. Not a lot of people can survive what I have. But I refuse to let the darkness swallow me whole, to let the monster win.

I’m given a second chance at happiness, and I won’t allow the horrifying memories to take that away from me. He’s already taken too much.

But turns out he wants more. The devil won’t stop until he’s consumed every part of me.

He wants another chance to own me, possess me, and then ruin me if he wants to. But there’s no way I’ll let him.

I am Mackenzie Merlot. I am strong. I am a survivor.

And this time…he’ll lose.