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Damnation MC by Grace McGinty
Damnation MC by Grace McGinty
Damnation MC by Grace McGinty
Damnation MC by Grace McGinty

Damnation MC by Grace McGinty

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  • Genre: Why Choose - Reverse Harem - Fantasy
  • SERENDIPITY is a spin-off of the Hell's Redemption Trilogy but can be read stand-alone. This is Book 1 in the Damnation MC Duology. SERENDIPITY is a Reverse Harem romance, contains M/M scenes, some scenes that may make readers uncomfortable, enough profanity to make a nun blush and ends on a cliffhanger.

Some one-night stands are bad, and some are just epic moments of fail. Two pump chumps, three-inch champions, guys who still live in the basement of their Mom's house; these are bad. Having sex with a slumming Archangel and ending up in Purgatory? Way, way worse.

After being rescued from Purgatory by an unlikely ally, Serendipity thought she could go back to living out her immortal years in relative obscurity. But then her stomach begins to swell, and she has to face the fact that she'd become impossibly pregnant. For the first time in her long life, she felt real fear.

When her allies smuggle her into the protection of Damnation MC, an Outlaw Motorcycle Club with more than a few secrets of their own, she can add unwanted attraction to her list of problems.

Judas, dark and mysterious, the President of the MC has no time for Sera or her problems.

Cain, his tattooed exterior hiding a damaged heart.

Solomon, a ladies man with a beautiful face and a blood-soaked past.

Goliath, crazed and brutal, who hates women and seemed to hate Serendipity in particular. Now Sera has to decide if she can trust them, or if the only person she can trust to save her child is herself.