Burned by Ivy Jacson
Burned by Ivy Jacson
Burned by Ivy Jacson

Burned by Ivy Jacson

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  • Genre: Cowboy Romance - Small Town - Single Dad

Taking a job on a ranch and moving all the way to Montana is my chance—a way for me to live somewhere new and start fresh. Again. A change in scenery and some fresh mountain air is exactly what I need.

But falling for a grumpy single dad, who’s also my boss, isn’t a part of the plan.

Rhett Black is easily the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Until he opens his mouth. His insufferable attitude gets under my skin, and we push each other’s buttons every chance we get.

When he sees me dancing with another man, his jealousy does something to my insides. Before I know it, we’re thrown into a different kind of passion.

Now, I’m falling. Fast.

But Rhett has been burned before, left behind by so many people in his life. Will he be able to trust that I’m here to stay?

This family has given me a safe place to land. And I have no intention of ever giving that up.