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Buck Cowboys by Elle Thorpe
Buck Cowboys by Elle Thorpe
Buck Cowboys by Elle Thorpe

Buck Cowboys by Elle Thorpe

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  • Genre: Cowboy Contemporary Romance

This second chance, friends-to-lovers romance brings the steam against a backdrop of professional bull riding, rodeo, and small-town cowboys. This is a complete romance with a happily ever after. 

Buck Cowboys: Book One Blurb

Hallie knows how to lose your best friend in one easy step.
Offer him your virginity, then watch him reject you. 

But that was four years ago, and now she knows better. Working at Hunt’s Bull Riding School, there’s no shortage of hot young cowboys to keep her entertained. There’s no need to think about Nate Mathews, especially since he’s off on the pro bull riding tour. 

Out of sight, out of mind. 

Until Nate walks back into her life, four years older, four years hotter, and with four years of regrets behind the blue eyes she once fell in love with. 

But on his first night back in their sleepy hometown, Nate’s plans to apologize are lost in the wail of sirens. In the devastating aftermath, Nate leans on the woman who once knew him better than anyone. 

But this time, it’s more than friendship he wants from her. No amount of teenage history, bad-tempered bulls, or babies who hate his guts will stop him from getting his second chance. 

Buck You: Book Two Blurb

Summer Hunt was destined to be the first woman on the pro bull riding tour, until a devastating accident shattered her dreams. With the injury taking too long to heal, and her fiancé pushing to move to the city, there’s nothing left for her at the small-town bull riding school she runs with her father.

Dominic West has always secretly longed to know his biological parents. But when an attempt to meet his birth mother goes horribly wrong, getting the hell out of town is all that’s on his mind. With a job available at Hunts’ Bull Riding School, hiding out in the place he knows from his childhood is the perfect escape.

Until he comes face to face with the one person who has always owned his heart. The girl he grew up with, riding bulls in the dirt, is now a beautiful but broken shell of the woman he remembers. And she’s not happy to see him.

Summer’s planning to leave in just a few weeks, set to marry some jackass who doesn’t know one end of a bull from the other, unless Dom can prove her dreams are still in reach. And convince her to stay. For her career. For him.