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TNT Trilogy by Sarah Delany

TNT Trilogy by Sarah Delany

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  • Genre: YA Contemporary

Don't Think. Just Breathe.

A beautiful yet heartbreaking love story of two teens who are drawn to each other in their darkest times.

The polite thing to do when someone tells a joke is to laugh. So I laugh.
The correct thing to do when someone asks you a question is to reply. So I reply.
When someone offers you a smile, you return it. So I do.
Don’t let them see the truth.
Keep your mask in place.
Remain numb.
Go through the motions.
These are all rules I live by.

The new boy in my class threatens the way I've been living.
Why is he staring at me?
Can he see the real me behind the mask?
Can he see the truth?

Tamsyn’s secret draws Tate in but it's his secret that threatens to tear them apart. When the truth comes out, there's only two options for hearts as fragile as theirs: shatter or become unbreakable.