The Parasomnia Chronicles by N E Absolom

The Parasomnia Chronicles by N E Absolom

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  • Genre: Fantasy

The Dreamer's Wish - Book One Blurb

She wanted a magical life but no one told her she'd have to save the universe!

Normal, ordinary, thirty-something Sara dreams of meeting a unicorn, but in a twist of fate, she finds expectations and reality don't always match.

Whisked away to the magical world of Palantia, thanks to a mysterious cat, Sara meets Terentius, a unicorn decidedly unimpressed at her arrival.

Amongst the turmoil of the Awakening, with an unexpected enemy lurking in the shadows, Sara joins up with a makeshift group of adventurers, and battles to overcome her crippling self-doubt. It's up to Sara to become the new Dreamer and save Palantia - the universe, even! - before it's too late.

Unprepared and ill-equipped, bearing the expectations of a whole new world on her shoulders, Sara finds out she can actually be quite extraordinary if she just believes in herself.

The Dreamer's Wish (previously published as Somniloquy) is a fantasy adventure where the boundaries between good and evil are blurred, and dreams can have very real consequences.