The Ninth Sorceress by Bonnie Wynn

The Ninth Sorceress by Bonnie Wynn

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A shadowed past. A vengeful goddess. What price will Gwyn pay to discover her destiny?

Wrenched from her mundane life as a herbalist’s apprentice, teenage orphan Gwyn learns she is hunted by an ancient goddess.

For seventeen years she’s been protected by her guardian, hidden away like a dark secret. But suddenly, she is thrust into the care of some unlikely companions, pursued by wizards and confronted by the dangerous powers she’s spent her life suppressing…

Now, Gwyn finds herself drawn into a deep and ancient tale – one of lost magic, truths long buried and the rising of a war she never could have imagined.

If you like rich worldbuilding, breathtaking magic and captivating storytelling, then you’ll love The Ninth Sorceress, the first book in the classic fantasy saga, The Price of Magic.