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The Crimson Tales by Elena Moriarty

The Crimson Tales by Elena Moriarty

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  • Genre: YA Fantasy

The Hunt of the Halfling

Tabitha is a typical teenager with hopes and dreams who is living an ordinary life. That is, until one fateful Halloween night, she meets two strange young men. And her whole world changes.
Everything Tabitha once knew about herself is a lie.
On the hunt for answers about her past, Tabitha must adjust to life amongst 'The Fabled'. Werewolves, faeries, vampires and warlocks - they actually exist! But they live hidden among humans and Tabitha must learn to trust what she has never known.
As if navigating through adolescence isn't enough, Tabitha must manage her warring emotions when dealing with Felix. With his silver eyes and sharp wit, Felix leaves Tabitha with more questions than answers. Should she trust him? Or is he using her to quench his particular thirst?
In Elena Moriarty's debut novel, 'The Hunt of the Halfling', Book 1 in her Crimson Tale series, magic, humour and teenage angst merge into a story about one girl's quest to discover herself. But will she like what she finds?