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Red Rose Rising by A.J. Manney

Red Rose Rising by A.J. Manney

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  • Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
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Damaged Copies: These copies were banged up during overseas postage. They basically just look secondhand, with some dents, bends and marks. If you would like pictures message me on IG.

In an instant, she lost everything. He pulled her from the chaos, but he's the enemy.

Zalia's world was destroyed in an instant, her family and kingdom ripped away from her. She survives only because of the mysterious dark prince who saves her. Now she is on the run to save herself and to train to take back what was taken from her. She never expected he would be the one to help train her.

When Zalia turns eighteen, her powers manifest along with strange markings that are identical to the dark prince. It will take courage and opening her heart to love to fulfill the quest she has started.