Printing Error: Four by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh
Printing Error: Four by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh

Printing Error: Four by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh

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  • Genre: Dark Romance
  • Authors' Note: Please check author's website for trigger warnings. The Black family men are rough, controlling, and a little bit crazy, but don’t worry...she puts them in their place. Enjoy!

These copies arrived with printing errors, to save the hassle of sending them back to the printer I'm selling them at a slightly discount price. Because I've had to pay normal price for these I can't do a big discount. They have no outside damages or errors, the errors are pictured the pages have not been cut correctly. They are still readable and are fine if you are a kindle reader who just wants a trophy.

They say family is a circle of strength.
But when mine is ripped away from me at the hands of a monster, my strength is all that’s left. I’ll give my last breath before they take anything else from me. Even if I’m the one they wanted all along.
Find Silas Black.
Those were my father’s last words. So I did.
Only, I found so much more than just a man who was prepared to help me get my revenge. I found a tortured soul who in return gave me hope. But I also found his broken sons.
One hates me.
One desires me.
And Silas wants to save me.
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but If I keep getting caught up in the heat of the moment, I’ll be my own demise.