Pineapple Dreams by Aria Peyton
Pineapple Dreams by Aria Peyton

Pineapple Dreams by Aria Peyton

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

**This is a mini sized book. Aria Peyton's books come personally signed.

Belle is freshly forty and craving the experience of a life she’s never had. Sick of her staid existence, she plans a holiday to travel the eastern side of Australia with her nineteen-year-old twin girls, Veronica and Christabel, visiting the BIG landmarks.

From Adelaide to Victoria and up through New South Wales they go, on a road trip unlike any they’ve had together.
Destination, Queensland.
It’s during the final week of their holiday that they come across Matt, a waiter in the café they dine at on their first night near the Big Pineapple.

Sparks fly, but Belle is so doubtful of herself and her appearance that she doesn’t believe her girls when they tell her he’s flirting with her. He’s younger than she is, so what interest would he hold in a slightly overweight mum without a clue?