Making Sense by Lila Rose
Making Sense by Lila Rose

Making Sense by Lila Rose

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  • Genre: Romantic Comedy

Adalyn Sage.

I'm thirty-seven, a mother, a divorcee, and I’m ready to date again.
I need a man willing to love me for who I am, despite what size I am. Only finding such a guy is harder than it’s cracked up to be.
Afterall, I'm a little clumsy and just a tad outspoken… that is unless I’m in front of a man so good-looking my panties melt. Then I become an absolute weirdo.

Case in point: Vice Salvatore. Stunning. Growly. And also my boss.
Thank God his a**hole attitude put my racing heart at ease and changed my lust to hate.
Nope. I don’t care for him. Won’t. I’ll continue to ignore my ladybits and stay strong.

At least for a while.