Entrusted by Aria Peyton

Entrusted by Aria Peyton

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  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

***Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains scenes of explicit sexual acts and violence***

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It only ever takes 'one' to change the future
One day left to claim her mate as her own.
One shifter’s selfish desires.
One alpha’s devastating decision…
After a brutal attack, panther shifter Vanessa is taken from her clan, stripped of the memories of her shifter nature. Rebel, her fated mate-to-be, gets left behind, banned by his alpha father from making contact with her.
When tragedy follows her to university, Vanessa floats through her studies without real purpose, always sensing that something’s missing. It’s only when she meets Mikhail, bartender at the local watering hole, and the sparks fly, that her life becomes worth living again. But their budding connection can’t grow while a thread of fate keeps her beholden to another—someone she doesn’t even remember.
When Rebel breaks his alpha’s command and triggers the return of Vanessa’s memories, tensions heighten. Will she have to choose between them, or is there room in her life for them both?