Educate Your Opinion by Mystqx
Educate Your Opinion by Mystqx

Educate Your Opinion by Mystqx

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*I have put this book into the Poetry section however it is not exactly poetry.*
Educate Your Opinion! is a witty dictionary on debunking stereotypes and refuting labels.

Straight off the bat. EYO! is about nothing that would stroke your ego. It is an eye-opener, a game-changer, a new age of enlightenment, and a “Sapere Aude” kind of book. It is meant to show you that there are different versions of the truth and each has their own story that we should respect. On top of this, stereotyping is destructive, labeling is hurtful and nothing good comes out of making assumptions no matter how you package it. So this is, with certainty, not the “everyone’s cup of tea” but surely someone else’s “shot of whiskey,” kind of book.

EYO! gives you ideas on rebuttal statements and offers suggestions on what to do when being labeled or stereotyped. It also includes blank pages where you can blow off your own steam.

Not the for the faint-hearted
For open-minded truth seekers
Read at your own risk