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Cold by Tania Cooper
Cold by Tania Cooper
Cold by Tania Cooper
Cold by Tania Cooper

Cold by Tania Cooper

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  • Genre: Sports Romance

“The source of her power came from the wound
that were inflicted by others.”

I’ve forever felt like people were staring at me, judging me for the way I looked, the bullying I endured in high school only fuelled these thoughts.

Despite working hard at becoming a successful journalist, I was still insecure with my larger figure, it shadowed a lot of my success, especially since I worked in the land of beautiful people; LA.

But after the number one quarter back in the USA, Kellan Hart, surprisingly pursued me, then declared he loved me for who I was, my body issues just started to … fall away.

But they couldn’t be locked away for long. Plunged into the public eye, chased and hunted by the media, tagged as the most talked about couple in the sporting world, meant that everyone had an opinion about the hot athlete dating a plus sized girl.

As much as I tried to avoid it all, it was constantly thrown in my face, insecurities rose their ugly heads again and I was forced to make some difficult decisions.

Decisions that would have dire consequences on my life and the people I loved.